Reaper – published 2016


“An elaborate tale of trust, betrayal and redemption in war-torn Afghanistan.” Belfast Telegraph

Task Force Helmand – published 2010


“Of all the voices coming out of Afghanistan Doug Beattie’s is for my money the most authentic – brave, thoughtful and compassionate.” Patrick Bishop, author of 3 PARA

An Ordinary Soldier – published 2009


“Of the battalion of courageous tales to emerge from the Iraq and Afghan conflicts, this extraordinary account by ‘an ordinary soldier’ is one of the finest.” Daily Mail

“Captain Doug Beattie of the Royal Irish Regiment is a man who neither minces his words nor flinches from action… Beattie says, ‘like most Ulstermen my language is straight out of the gutter’ yet it is this that makes his memoir such a riveting read… Beattie vividly describes the horror of killing.” The Sunday Times

“From the opening pages – describing the immediate aftermath of a suicide bomb attack – onwards, the text is littered like the terrain of a war zone with body parts, spilt blood, violent language, military acronyms and all the stuff of recurring nightmares. Because of the immediacy of the narrative, it gives a remarkably true idea of the confusion and horror of close-quarter fighting… an insight into the spirit which has made the British Army what it is.” Times Literary Supplement